Diana Lempel
Diana Lempel
writer, research designer, curator, hostess

diana lempel

is a hostess, historian, designer,

interviewer, curator, and writer

 Diana has a slow-paced, inquiry and place-based practice in the public humanities. She works in audio recording, interviewing, writing and editing, exhibitions, and teaching. To every project she brings emotional intelligence, intellectual rigor, and an aptitude for synthesis & nuanced conversations, with attention to:

  • deep listening and thoughtful question asking

  • creative, innovative methods based in design thinking, habits of mind, and process-based inquiry

  • immersive, content-rich experiences and environments

  • bibliography, books, reading, and collections: I make a library wherever I go

  • highly developed aesthetics

  • social dynamics, engagement and ethics of care for stakeholders and participants (past, present, and future)

  • a focus on regionalism, place, and identity - including technical knowledge about land and public policy + design

Diana received a BA in British & American History and Literature (Harvard College, 2005), a MUP (Master’s of Urban Planning) in Cultural Heritage and Neighborhood Development (Harvard Graduate School of Design, 2012), and a MA in Landscape Studies (Harvard University, 2018). She has been a Mass Humanities Scholar in Residence with the New Bedford Working Waterfront Festival (2014) and has worked as the Doing History Curator of the Cambridge Historical Society since 2016, participating in AASLH award-winning and Mass Humanities grant funded programs. In 2015 she founded Our Riverside, a summer humanities and design program for teens at the Cambridge Community Center, and in 2016 she opened Practice Space Design Studio, a shop and studio for art, design and the humanities, also in Cambridge MA. She loves public libraries, baroque chamber music, and speculative fiction, and is the mother of two boys, a cat, and two gardens: one in Cambridge, MA, and another at “Little Meadow,” in Sunderland, MA.