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asking questions


Combining experience with primary sources, contemporary art, space & place, and a diverse combination of secondary literatures, my public writing engages historical and cultural topics from a complex and publicly accessible lens, both asking questions and engaging emotions.


Diana is available for engagements as an interviewer, moderator, or facilitator.

Pictured: as Moderator of Cambridge Historical Society, Annual Meeting 2018.

Watch Diana in action at the Cambridge Historical Society 2019 Annual Meeting, here.

WORKSHOPS + COURSES : Listening is emotional labor, listening to place, listening to stories

Diana is a skillful leader of workshops and courses on listening, community work, design in the humanities, interpretation and site-specific research methods. She emphasizes curiosity and question-asking as the foundation for all of these practices.

Diana has led the popular Listening is Emotional Labor workshop for public and private audiences. She has taught in Harvard College and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, as well as workshops at MassArt; she has facilitated workshops for the Cambridge Historical Society, Harvard Museum of Natural History, and at the National Council for Public History conference and National Humanities Alliance conference.

PROject or exhibition development

Diana is a creative, grounding and nimble addition to and leader of teams envisioning exhibitions, research projects and public programs. She brings experience from a number of both academic and practical fields to her work, and uses her facilitation skills to bring groups towards deeper understandings of the content and processes they want to engage.

Diana is able to get down into the nitty gritty of a program while maintaining a bird’s eye view on the whole field. She’s got a wonderful way of being able to put what’s happening locally through an academic lens, providing an invaluable context for our work. She’s passionate and reflective, unfailingly positive with lots of ideas to contribute. My favorite part of working with her was engaging her as “thought partner” — hashing through ideas, brainstorming other models, reviewing our program. I felt like I had my own personal affirming coach, thoughtful counselor, wise colleague. Working in a small non-profit can be isolating and she was (is!) a tremendous colleague.
— Mimi Graney, Downtown Coordinator, City of Chelsea, MA